Polaris Atlas Suction Cleaner FSATLAS

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Polaris Atlas Suction Cleaner FSATLAS

Only available to ship to pool companies or for local pickup in Arizona and Nevada.

Polaris Atlas Suction Cleaner FSATLAS

The Polaris FSATLAS Atlas Suction Cleaner is a state-of-the-art pool vacuum system designed for superior cleaning performance. With its innovative features, it ensures your pool remains pristine and debris-free.

Key Features:

  • HALO Technology: Provides unmatched suction power, ensuring all sand, dirt, and other debris are thoroughly eliminated from your pool.
  • Spinning Brushes: Powerful brushes spin to scrub and lift debris, making sure even the toughest spots are cleaned.
  • Multi-Directional Navigation: The Atlas boasts intelligent navigation patterns, guaranteeing comprehensive pool coverage without any missed spots.
  • Proprietary Twist-Lock Hose: Securely connects and extends up to 39 feet, giving the cleaner a wide range to operate and ensuring it reaches every corner of your pool.

With the Polaris FSATLAS Atlas Suction Cleaner, maintain a sparkling clean pool with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

Polaris Atlas/Atlas XT Manual

Polaris Atlas/Atlas XT Quick Start Guide

Polaris Atlas XT Brochure


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