Pentair Venturi Manifold Kit for Racer Pressure Side Cleaner 360260

Pentair SKU: 360260

Pentair Venturi Manifold Kit for Racer Pressure Side Cleaner 360260

Pentair SKU: 360260
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Pentair Venturi Manifold Kit for Racer Pressure Side Cleaner 360260

Authentic OEM Replacement Kit

The Pentair Venturi Manifold Kit (360260) is a genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) product, ensuring a perfect match and seamless integration with your Racer or Racer LS Pressure Side Cleaner. Crafted by Pentair, this kit embodies the high-quality standards synonymous with OEM parts.

Heart of Cleaning Efficiency

The Venturi manifold is arguably the most vital component of the Racer and Racer LS model pressure cleaners. It is engineered to create a vortex that effectively lifts dirt and various forms of debris off your pool's surface. This powerful suction action occurs where the vacuum tube meets the chassis kit. Positioned on opposing sides of the large mouth opening, both manifolds work in tandem to generate a vortex that propels debris through the vacuum tube and into the debris bag kit, ensuring a thorough cleaning.

Complete Installation Kit

The parts come in a dark blue hue and are accompanied by the necessary screws and o-rings for a hassle-free installation, ensuring proper operating capabilities right from the start. The comprehensive nature of this kit provides a convenient solution for maintaining or restoring your cleaner's efficiency.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Should your cleaner exhibit sluggish or suboptimal performance, a common culprit could be clogged jets within these manifolds. A handy troubleshooting tip involves using fine objects like a paper clip or needle to dislodge debris by turning it in a circular motion within the jets. Following this, a garden hose can be placed on the feed mast to flush out the lines and jets, restoring the cleaner's performance and ensuring a clean and inviting pool.

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SKU: 360260

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