Caretaker 99 (Jandy In-Floor) Dome Shape Strainer 1-1-216

Caretaker SKU: 1-1-216
Caretaker 99 (Jandy In-Floor) Dome Shape Strainer 1-1-216 - In Floor Cleaning System Valve Parts - img-1

Caretaker 99 (Jandy In-Floor) Dome Shape Strainer 1-1-216

Caretaker SKU: 1-1-216
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Caretaker 99 (Jandy In-Floor) Dome Shape Strainer 1-1-216

Compatible Models:

  • Zodiac 1-1-216 Dome Shape Strainer is suitable for Jandy Caretaker 5-9-2000/5-9-2200, Jandy EnvironPool, and Dust and Vac 5-9-3000, 5-9-3010 Valve.
  • Material: Crafted from durable Stainless Steel.

Product Overview:

Shield your Caretaker 99 cleaning system from potential damage caused by debris with this easily interchangeable cup strainer. The strainer is strategically positioned atop the upper housing within the union, enabling swift and hassle-free replacements.

Key Considerations:

Substandard installation practices and infrequent monitoring may allow minute debris like leaves, twigs, or pebbles to penetrate the gear assembly. Such intrusions can culminate in a total valve malfunction.

Maintenance Tips:

  • To ensure impeccable cleaning cycles, position the screen with its "dome-side up".
  • Verify the water's ability to permeate through the screen at least once monthly. This procedure is typically conducted post-backwashing or after the filter has undergone cleaning.

Unique Design Benefits:

The cup strainer's design is pivotal in shielding the water valve against debris, especially during instances of pool filter malfunctions. Nestled within the 2-inch union over the Caretaker water valve, the strainer is easily accessible. The replacement process is both swift and straightforward, ensuring your pool system's optimal performance.

Invest in the Caretaker 99 Dome Shape Strainer to boost the longevity and efficiency of your pool's cleaning system.

SKU: 1-1-216

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