Pentair FNS® Plus Filter 60 180009

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Pentair FNS® Plus Filter 60 180009

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FNS Plus Pool Filters: More Surface Area for Better Filtration

Introducing FNS Plus Pool Filters, designed to provide superior filtration with less maintenance. These filters are crafted with curved grids to maximize the filtration area, ensuring better performance and longer periods between cleanings. Experience crystal clear water with minimized costs and time-tested design.

  • Superior Strength: Made of fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene for long-lasting reliability.
  • Service-Ease™ Grid Pack: Ensures easy maintenance and convenience.
  • Top-to-Bottom Backwash: For efficient cleaning and maintenance.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Fiberglass Tank: Guarantees a long life and durability.
  • 2" Plumbing Connections: Allows for maximum flow and efficiency.
  • 1" Drain: Conveniently located for easier and more efficient cleanout and 100% draining.
  • Crystal Clarity: D.E. filters remove particles as small as 5 microns, ensuring clear and clean water.
  • Maximized Filtration, Minimized Costs: Curved grids increase filtration area, leading to better performance and lower utility costs.
  • Time-Tested Design: Designed for long-term reliability, keeping your pool's water clean and clear for years to come.

The FNS Plus Pool Filters are your solution for a cleaner, more enjoyable pool experience. With advanced features and a design focused on efficiency and longevity, these filters are a valuable addition to any pool system. Enjoy the benefits of crystal clear water with less maintenance and cost.

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