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Pool Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I clean my skimmer and pool pump baskets?

It is recommended to clean your skimmer and pump baskets at least once a week. If you have an abundance of trees or any debris around your pool, then you may have to increase the number of times you clean each week.  After storms or high winds, it is recommended to clean your skimmers and pool pump baskets to ensure the best possible cleaning.

How often does my pool need to be drained?

It is recommended to drain your pool water about every 5 years. Depending on usage and location this may vary but overall, this is the optimal time to change the water out to ensure proper chemical balancing.

Do pool chemicals go bad?

Yes! Pool chemicals can go bad! It is very important to follow all the storage rules supplied on each package to ensure the items are stored properly and away from any children or pets.

What kind of pool filter should I use?

All filter types (DE/Sand/Cartridge) are great for water filtration. To decide which is best for your pool you will want to look at two factors: ease of maintenance and filtration capabilities. The easiest to maintain will be a cartridge filter. These will provide the middle filtration level and can provide filtration down to 5 microns. The best filtration comes from a DE Filter (diatomaceous earth) with a filtration system of 1-6 microns, but can be a little more difficult to maintain.

What is pool automation and why do I need it?

Pool Automation in simple terms, means the ability to control your pool equipment from a wireless device. Some pool automation will require an external controller to run your equipment, where others can allow you to control your pool equipment from your phone or tablet. Each automation system is unique and can require a lot of equipment specific to the brand you are purchasing. We always suggest contacting your pool professional for recommendations on what will work best with your pool equipment and needs. If you have specific equipment questions we always suggest contacting the manufacturer directly for technical service.